How To Become a United Hacks Organizer

How To Become a United Hacks Organizer

Hello Hack United Community! As you probably know, we are hosting our next hackathon this winter, and in order to make the event as enjoyable for our community as possible. Below is some information for the positions and requirements.

If you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance email in under 1 month. These positions are only for the duration of the hackathon, however it is possible to convert this into a position working for our organization, Hack United, itself.

Benefits of being a volunteer include:
- Volunteer Service Awards

- Hackathon Organizer Certificate

- Linkedin Recognition Post + Experience

- Hack United Google Workspace Access

Descriptions Of Positions:

  1. Outreach - Sponsorships: Find Companies with past experience sponsoring events similar to ours and help contact them proposing a sponsorship. After getting a reply, a member from our core team will continue communications with them.

  2. Outreach - Workshops/Speakers. Find Speakers and people interested in hosting a workshop through LinkedIn Direct messages, emails, social media, etc. After finding someone interested, our core team will continue communications with them.

  3. Marketing - Social Media. Direct/Create video's and images to post on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit. You have full creative freedom and will have access to a team to help. This is the most crucial position we are looking for!

  4. Event Management - Operations / Communication. Plan out the logistics of the event including prize distribution, timings, schedule, and more. Direct other volunteers to make sure the execution of the event and planning is flawless.

  5. Graphics Design: This position involves designing marketing materials for the event. Even if you don't have a lot of experience, we allow use of templates, which make it super easy! All you need is to be creative. Also, this position includes creating the opening and closing ceremony slides.

  6. Technical Team: We only need one full stack developer for this position. Make a website similar to for our event. Make sure you have knowledge on how to link a signup form to Google Sheets!

  7. Community Team: Answer questions and support from our community members. Create a devpost listing (mainly just description of event and a FAQ) similar to

  8. Other: Are we missing something which would make our event even cooler? Let us know what you can contribute!

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