United Hacks V2 - Hackathon Recap

United Hacks V2 - Hackathon Recap

United Hacks V2 winter hackathon concluded with a resounding success, showcasing the vast potential of technology to address critical social challenges. While the major theme of the hackathon was 'Resolutions', giving a spark for new year resolutions, we also encouraged all the creatives to explore diverse topics. The event saw 60+ diverse teams compete, developing ideas over restless 52 hours. Our event had over 10 workshops with 200+ attendees, 400+ participants, and I can guess a TON of time spent on stack overflow.

The judging panel, comprised of various industry experts , precisely evaluated each project based on its creativity, practicality, and Technical complexity. After careful deliberation, they identified 5 outstanding projects that rose above the rest:

First Place (Resolutions) - Spectra

PayoutPacer's core features offer an integral fitness and wealth journey. Users can track their daily steps and progress, participate in customizable challenges, and visualize their financial gains through a dedicated dashboard. A supportive community further fuels motivation, providing a platform for connection and encouragement.

One of PayoutPacer's defining features is its dynamic challenge reward system. Users can create or join challenges with a $5 entry fee. If you fail to complete your challenge, your contribution flows into a shared pool, ultimately distributed among the successful participants. This innovative scheme adds a layer of competitive excitement, motivating users to push their limits and celebrate each other's victories.

The mobile app leverages React Native, Geolib, Google Maps, and Expo for its core functionality. The server relies on NestJs with Prisma ORM and a PostgreSQL database hosted on Fly.io. The user-facing advertisement website, built with React and NextJs, runs on Azure, showcasing the project's commitment to scalability and performance. Design tools like Figma and Adobe contributed to the app's user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface.

Second Place (Resolutions) - Snooziroo

The project presented by Mike Gao, Snooziroo, won the second place in the Resolutions category by their excellent performance.

Snooziroo is an app designed to keep you on track of your sleep schedule. This is an Android app that generates personalized sleep reports based on sleep schedule data. Snooziro calculates how long you slept and how deeply you slept,

The developer created the app from scratch, overcoming several challenges and obstacles. Snooziroo was a solo project, and it had its own difficulties. This required extensive research and leveraging their existing knowledge of Java, OOP, and had to delve into the unfamiliar territory of Kotlin and Android Studio.

Snoozie's vibrant design and clever sleep data analysis make it a standout example of innovation in personal wellness apps. Transforming sleep metrics into colorful "Snoozies'' adds a playful touch that both personalizes the experience and encourages engagement.

Overcoming all these obstacles, the author successfully established the app's core functionality. Their journey highlights the challenges and rewards associated with venturing into new technologies and tackling ambitious projects, particularly when working independently.

First Place (General) - UniRide

UniRide is a user-centric application designed by two skilled developers Jaivardhan Bhola and Tanmay Tiwari. Their project won first place in general category.

The app is designed to optimize commuting experiences through efficient integration with public transportation systems. The app provides users with instant access to the nearest public transportation options, streamlining route planning and ensuring timely arrivals by making use of information about locations and movements and real-time transit information.

The App built on Flutter and designed in Figma, employs Google Directions and Places APIs for a streamlined commuting experience.

This app provides a user-friendly experience and makes daily life transportation easier using technology.

Second Place (General) - Connect

Connect is an application developed by Raymond Zheng. This application allows users to post jobs and get jobs, with a required skill set and it allows users to update their own skills.

Through the AI-powered matching system, finding the right job or the ideal candidate is easier than ever. Once a perfect match is identified, built-in communication tools simplify interview scheduling, making the recruitment process effortless.

The developer used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for frontend, and Python websockets for backend which made the application pleasing to eyes and user-friendly.

Connect presents a compelling vision for streamlining the recruitment process through AI-powered talent matching. By facilitating skill-based connections between employers and potential candidates, Connect has the potential to significantly reduce the time and effort required for both parties.

Best Solo Hack - Resolve.Ai

Best Solo Hack is rewarded for the best project developed by an individual rather then a team.

Aaditya Srivastava, the talented developer won the Best Solo Hack reward. Resolve.Ai, the ultimate planning platform is the project submitted by Aaditya.

Resolve.AI empowers you to customize your journey. Precisely define your goals, capture them, and chart a personalized roadmap with achievable steps.Resolve.AI is more than just a data dashboard; it's a memory vault. Capture snapshots, videos, and even record progress updates.

Resolve.AI seamlessly manages your data through MongoDB, optimizes database operations with Prisma, and crafts a responsive UI with Next.js, Tailwind, and TypeScript. Clerk Auth bolsters security, keeping your resolutions confidential.

Our winners, champions of impact and creativity, have set a shining example of what technology can achieve. But let's not forget the true heroes of this epic 52 hours: every single participant.

Your dedication, your sleepless nights, your passion woven into lines of code – that's the soul of this event. United Hacks V2 Hackathon is not just about winners, it's about a united force for good.

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